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- Business Consulting
- U.S. EIN (Tax ID)
- Operating Agreement
- Business Bank Account

- Notary


About Me

Rosanna Cochran partners with everyday visionaries to activate business startups that become lifelong legacies. Building your business could be an adventurous and creative process with our impeccable support and pristine service quality. JR Progress Consultants does everything from: business registration, company structure, acquiring your tax ID number (EIN), formalizing operating agreements, and all kinds of notary services. We provide a comprehensive business birthing process worthy of the goal and vision you have.


It is no longer enough to wait for opportunities, building an empire starts with that one brave decision. Rosanna Cochran launched JR Progress Consultant; she created a business startup accelerator, for social and economic wealth creation. Inspired by years of grit, resilience, market research, and a powerful data-driven approach to business launch, we help business owners create the exact business entity they envision.


Start your progress today as we copilot your dreams to reality.

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